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WSP...free shipping?

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Ok so I go on over to the wsp website to look around since they offer free shipping on some items...hmmmm

I click on candle color and when I saw the price for 1 little candle color block....5.95??????? for 1 little block?????? Everyone else sells them for .75 to .99 and these are the exact same size..not jumbo or anything :confused:

So ok...if all you need to order is 1 block then maybe it's not so bad but what if you want to order say 1 of each color? and say they have 10 colors to choose from(just guessing) That would come to a whopping 59.95 bucks for 10 little color blocks that wouldn't normally cost more than 10.00 ups ground.....4.95 in a small usps flat rate box?

That's not free shipping....thats highway robbery

Am I missing something here or did I missread the price? Am I overreacting?

I noticed on the forum over there that someone sort of complained about this so called free shipping and basically was told to not talk about it on the forum...to talk to CS about it. I haven't posted over there in quite some time...too much censorship and you can only discuss thier products which is fine but this forum is WAY better becuase we can discuss any supplier we wish to talk about.

ok...done ranting because I'm pretty sure I'll catch hell if I complain about it over there....probably get banned for it sooooo I know where I won't be buying any supplies from as far as the free shipping items go.

I also do appologise if I posted this in the wrong area.

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Thats no mistake. I read it too. But that is the price for one block. For 12 blocks you pay $10. Thats $ .83 cents per block and thats not only a great price its an excellent price. I find that buying at WSP you need to buy in bulk to get great savings. Not so much buying single items.

I also think that if free shipping is offered and lots of folks order one small thing at less than a dollar they lose money. Maybe they should have a minimum on the order amount. Thats what I would do.

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oh ok....thats not so bad then.

I have ordered from them many times but it was usually a case of tins or the PET spray bottles...stuff like that. Sometimes the FOs but the oils are too expensive but for just a few 2 ounce bottles and free shipping with that..not so bad but I was dumfounded at seeing the color blocks.

I would think that would deter some people from buying...it sure stopped me in my tracks.

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