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Do certain dyes cause you to wick up?

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Rainwater from CS is giving me fits and I know it can't be a heavy fo. I have to go quite a bit higher on my wick size with this f/o and the flame always looks like it's going to drown out. I even re-poured it with another batch because I thought I screwed up.

I did use a fluorescent blue dye chip with this FO though. I am going to pour it without dye tomorrow and see what happens. I normally use liquid dye.

Have you guys experienced this. Does this happen to you when you use dye chips? Or maybe it's the fluorescent dye chip or just the brand I am using!

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I am glad I posted the question. That explains why I am having such a hard time wicking that container. Glad I didn't buy but one cotainer of this stuff!

Anyone have any suggestions on what to use for vibrant colors? I am thinking like a fun orange for coco mango and maybe a fun blue color. I'll probably post a new thread about this!

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