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Southern Garden Scents, Black Raspberry Vanilla??


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Anyone used this? I am pretty sure I'd be safe ordering from them but ya never know. I use a few other scents from them and a client I sell to wants this fragrance badly. :) I use Ez Soy, but will likely be switching to Eco XceL within the month so will likely test in that and make oodles of CP which is where I think the bulk of this will be sold and in other misc body care. Opinions are appreciated.



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i have not used SGS, black raspberry vanilla..

but have used several others..and i have not yet found one that has

a really good HT in my 415 soy..

but in cp soap...berts black raspberry vanilla is wonderful..

and very inexpensive..

i soap it at 40% solution..cool...and swirl...i have never had any trouble..

i does turn a very very light creamy carmel color..but does not hinder the swirl color..

and the scent sticks for months in cp soap..


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I went ahead and ordered it. I will let ya know how it does in soy and CP. It's not cheep! OUCH! $26 pp but it said it had awesome HT in soy. We shall see. I don't like raspberry but I do like black raspberry vanillas that I've smelled. Maybe they are less fake berry smelling? Dunno. I am crossing my fingers! LOL

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