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Mints delaying trace


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Hi all,

I made a batch of soap with Doublemint (I add the f/o to the oils before lye/water) and it took forever to trace. This was a recipe I've used alot and I never have had it happen like that before. Then today I did some salt bars and used Peppermint e/o and the same thing happened. Is this something that happens with mint f/o's and should I just adjust and add them to the batch after reaching trace? TIA

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I can't associate it with the mint type FOs or EOs I've used seriously.

Maybe trying your soap oils a little hotter. It has been taking longer for me at RTCP to reach trace and I find myself having to stick blend longer to get it to go. Are you discounting water at all? If not, try it then.

I've used Polar Express from SS (which has mint in it) and can be leisurely around it.

I've used patch and mint EOs together and it was still pretty leisurely to do.

Trying to think if I've done other mints, but none come to mind. I want to try a lav and mint, but again, lav is still going to move slowly for me.

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I generally mix my soap at around 90-100 degrees, I try to keep the oil and lye/water around the same temp. I'll have to keep an eye out the next time I use mint and maybe I'll change when I add it to see if it makes a difference. I made 2 batches of salt bars today and the Mint one took alot longer to trace, the other one, Creamsicle, mixed just fine. Thanks for the reply.

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