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What am I doing wrong?

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I currently use zinc wicks in my Parasoy blend which for the most part I'm happy with, yes they will schroom at times, I get that, but I'm always looking to make things better.

So having said that I recently decided to try testing again some other wicks, (thinking things might be different now then the last time I tested them..lol). Anyway I seem to have more trouble with non zinc wicks schrooming and smoking then zincs.

I tried HTP 83 and LX 16, 18 in a 3inch round tumbler, both schroomed just as much if not more then the zincs and they were sooty, plus I had way too much heat on one side of the jar. So is it me...or should I just stop being OCD and keep what seems to be working for me? :confused:

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If it isn't broke-don't try to fix it, lol. People will get mushrooms-it is just a point of trimming or knocking them off and if you make sure people know that-then you need not try to fix it. Sounds like you have figured it out-and it never hurts to try other things, mind you. But don't try to over think it type of thing.

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I do the same thing. I use zincs in my parasoy because when I first tested them they were the best choice. I don't mind the shrooms so much but zincs tend to have afterglow and I don't care for that.

So every now and then I try out new wicks to see if I can find something better. So far I have not. But I will continue to try.

I don't think there is anything wrong with trying out something new even when you have a good formula going for your candlemaking. I believe candlemaking is like any other craft or practice, you need to keep learning on a continuous basis as the craft keeps changing over the years.

In the last year or two some waxes have changed, new wicks have come along, many fragrance oils changed, and these are just some of the changes. Making candles has definitely changed since 5-10 years ago.

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