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Well crap, my soap seized i think ?


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so i decided i would make another batch of cp tonight. i decided to use berries and lillies fo. so all is good melted my oils, added my lye and blended. after a few minutes i added my fo. as soon as i started stick blending it started to look like i added rice to my batch. i started stick blending like mad and it seemed to go away as soon as i stopped it would rice up again. so i hurried up and mixed my colors and dumped the batter into the mold and added my colors which was pretty chunky by then. and threw the mold in the fridge.

will this be ok or would i have to rebatch it ? this is only my 3rd cp batch so i have never had this happen before and dont really know what i should do or what i should have done.

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that is what you call riceing...

sometimes you can SB it back..into submission..

but sometimes you can't..

see what happens as it sits..and when you unmold you will see what the texture of the soap is..

if all else fails you can rebatch HP..

that is so disheartening...:sad2:

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i kept stick blending it and as i blended it would go back to liquid as soon as i would stop it would rice again. i kept doing that but it started getting thicker quick. so i plopped it in the mold.

man oh man why did i decide to do another batch of cp ?? now i am really liking the hp more lmao

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Some FOs will seize with CP. Florals tend to be ones that can move quickly. To try to avoid this with CP you can soap with full water, add the FO to the oils, soap as cool as you possible, and/or stir the mixture by hand. Or you can just HP any difficult FO.

If you got the lye all mixed in, and barring any soap fairies, your soap will probably be ok. If not, there's always the rebatch.

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Most seized batches can be saved and not have to be rebatched at all.

FO's and some EO's are just terrible so you're bound to run into it at some point. Even after 25 years..... every once in a while..... :)

When you see that your batch is seizing...relax, don't panic. Generally speaking it's because the fo/eo is causing your batch to heat too quickly. Unless you have a volcano situation on your hands you can just let it do it's thing right in the bowl. It will be thick at first but don't touch it just yet.......wait until it's starting to go thru gel and gets that transparent glossy look to it. It will get very loose at that point and although you can't pour it into your molds, you can glop it in there. Much easier than an HP glop, it's a more watery glop, easier to manage. I tap the molds on the counter to let any air escape. You may end up with a tiny air pocket or two but the soap for the most part will look quite nice. Don't cover it yet... it's really hot at this point and most times it will puff up in the molds and crack in some areas, just let it sit there until it all settles down again into the molds. Once it's settled down and cools off a bit cover and allow it to rest as your normally would. You'll be able to take it out of the molds early as it has raced thru gel and most likely neutralized itself in the process. TEST to make sure.

If I am testing a new fragrance I have a pot standing by on the stove just in case it volcano's. You can quickly throw it in a pot and HP it to save it, otherwise it's into the garbage. It about kills me to throw out a ten lb batch.

Test your Seized soap. Depending how quickly your batch seized, your lye may not have had a chance to be thoroughly incorporated into the batch and you may have lye pockets. If so.. Turf it.

And really important...Wear your protective gear and use the proper equipment. If you haven't experienced lye burns, don't open yourself up for it. They are not pleaseant.

I hope this helps, I haven't had to throw out a batch in years. Most batches are salvageable without ending up with 'ugly' soap.



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im sure it can be saved with hp'ing it. this was the first i soaped a floral because i have heard horror stories. but it gives me more experience having it happen. hopefully i only have it happen once lmao

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