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White Pepper and Clove


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I got a sample of this last month from Fillmore and it smells great oob. I am going to pour it soon and now I cannot find it on their website. Has anyone ever used this? Or knows if it was discontinued? I hope not because it smells incredible.

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Oh.. That sounds yummy!! I love clove, but mixed with white pepper.. what does that add?

I want this.. where can I get it?

Its a very spicy scent. The green cognac gives it more of a cologne type scent rather than kitchen/bakery type. It smells yummy like bah67 said.

You can get it at Fillmore Containers www.fillmorecontainer.com

They have it in stock its just not on the website right now.

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Island girl I have the olive blossom also, I haven't used it yet but smells great oob. Their irish moss is good too, I have poured it but waiting to burn it.

The White pepper and clove just has a spicyness too it and it does have more of a cologne scent, but it just has something that says wow! To me it smells very sophisticated. Their white tea and linen smells great oob also.

Fillmore's star anise is good too, great ht and ct.

Candlebee-glad to know they have it in stock, I haven't had the chance to call them yet this week. I am going to pour it tomorrow or Friday!

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