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Slow Saturday might as well test wicks

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Since I haven't had much luck wicking so far and I'm still trying to find a good starting point I decided to change my game plan. Today I have wicked 5 jars of the same scent with 5 different wicks to see if I can even get close,lol

464 wax in Sq mason- scent Monkey Farts made with Alabaster FO's

Shop Temp 74

Humidity 46%

1 tsp co added to pot

no dye

1.5 oz.pp FO added @185 dropped wax to 177, stirred to 165 then stirred intermediately to 150

poured @ 150

Cured 1 week- CT strong

wicks already tested

eco 8 Started out stong kept HT but seemed too weak a flame, by 3rd burn had very large hang up

cd 8 Tunneled scent changed

lx 16 Tunneled HT weak

wicks to be tested today

eco 10

cd 10

lx 18



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eco 10 ..2-1/2 hrs into first burn 1/2 inch melt pool smoking wick, blew it out

cd 10 1/2 inch MP mushrooming wick, flame seems large, jar pretty hot, nice throw

lx 18 testing later ran out of rooms, doing 3 hr on burn on it now.

c-80... almost FMP with a bit of hang on one side up nice throw

c-85 almost FMP all sides, flame seems small, equal burn nice throw

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I'm banking on the CD10, if not try a CD12 I bet you'll get with one of those.

both the eco 10 and cd 10 seemed way too big, funny because eco 8 and cd 8 are too small. Wish they had a 9:smiley2:

Weird that the c-80 had a bigger flame than the c-80

Maybe the lx will work if not I gotta order more wicks samples

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Still testing the LX wick. Tomorrow I'll do a 2nd burn on all the wicks. What I've noticed so far with the cd 8 and eco 8 is they started just right at the top of the jar but didn't do well as the candle got lower, so my hope is one of the wicks that seems to be burning too fast at the top will even out as the candle goes down the jar. I don't know if thats right but it seems like it would be since the jar gets wider away from the top.

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Burn your testers all the way to the bitter end unless they completely drown out or threaten to set the place on fire. You are wicking for the last half of the container, not the first half. The only way to know whether a candle will burn successfully all the way to the end is to test it all the way to the end. :)

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Thanks stella, I will.

LX 18 burned pretty much like the cd 10. I couldn't smell it unless I got on top of it though. Don't know if its because I was smelling them same scent all day or the throw. I'll play with them all again in the morning.

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I've had the same problem with LX wicks in my soy containers. Great cold throw but not hot. I had to be directly over the candle to smell it. They burned great thou!:rolleyes2

How about your CD tester-- are you getting good hot throw with that?

Its burning nicely today but I think I may have candle nose because I have all those candles burning in 5 rooms and I cant smell any of them:confused:

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2nd burn 5 hrs because I forgot about them and took a nap after one of my grand daughters was picked up:embarasse ( long night with her lol )

The only way I can smell any of them today is by being right over the candle.

eco 10 very nice burn. I can smell the scent well when I'm over the candle.

cd 10 is burning nice but has a waxy smell and I cant detect the fo at all in it.

lx 18 Nice burn also, but cant smell it, no weird waxy smell though, just nothing

c-80 this one gives off the most scent but flame seems weak

c-85 very weak flame almost out, nice smell

So now I'm left wondering is my nose not working right today, or are all of these candles not giving off enough scent to be able to smell them when walking into rooms.

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3rd and 4th burn

eco 10... mushrooming on 4th burn, flame getting really high, jar very hot

cd 10... getting more hang up as it burns down to the half empty point, going to give cd 12 a try, still plan on burning the cd 10 as long as it will burn just to see how it does, but I think its either going to go out or start tunneling

lx 18 started tunneling and flame went out

c-80 flame went out, was really surprised by this because its had the best burn all along up until today.

c-85.. burning better now than it did the last 3 burns, put out and will try a power burn on this one next

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You're doin' great, Dixiegal! Keep on burinin'!! :D

Thanks Stella but it feels like I'm getting nowhere fast,lol. Still undecided about the cd 10. I have done a few burns with cd 12 with the same scent and a fireside scented one. The fireside is doing pretty good with cd 12 but the first burn was pretty fast I got a FMP in 2 hours, the 2nd and 3rd burn has done well though. Plan on finishing the fireside up and trying another one to see how it goes.

However the cd 12 seems way too big for the MF scent I started with.

Lots of mushrooming if I'm not babysitting it , its getting way to high a flame. Not the kind of burning candle I want to give to family and friends.Most of them would end up power burning the candle and I don't think its safe with that wick. So I'm going to try the cd 10 one more time and watch it closer. Thinking forward to other wicks to try but I'm just not sure which ones to order next. I do have several sizes of the LX wicks I can play around with, I have read where a lot of people seem to like them with this wax.

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