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Scrub Advice Needed


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So I've been working on emulsified sugar scrubs for a while now. I'm very close.. BUT... I always seem to have a thin layer of oil floating on top.

I've tried upping my ewax, and dropping the oil %.. I'm wondering if I should increase the stearic AND ewax..

Any advice ladies?

Thank you! :)

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Thought I should add... my recipe is 10%ewax and 8% stearic right now. The rest is hard and soft oils, fo and preservative. and sugar. lol

I tweaked it a bit last night, upped the wax and dropped the soft oils. This morning it seems ok, but the after feel isn't as nice.. more waxy feeling. :(

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Hmm, that's a good idea Dee! I'm rather new to the emulsified scrub thing myself. :) I'll try it!

Really I guess I need to just keep tinkering with the % of ewax to oils. This last one I made is holding up nicely, but just a bit too waxy feeling.

Perhaps more hard oils, less soft and a touch less wax will do the trick. lol

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Are you whipping? Over whipping will sometimes break the emulsion, and you'll get a slight oil layer on top. Adding too much FO will give you the same results.

What about temperature? Is it really warm in your house?

We've been having some wonderful warm weather here during the day and I noticed the scrub I have sitting here on the computer desk is much softer than what it was before when it was chilly here... maybe yours is "melting" a bit? ????

Instead of cornstarch, I'd say add some kaolin clay if you keep running into problems to see if that helps. If you're not over whipping or adding too much FO...instead of upping your ewax... lower your oils and up your butters. That might do the trick. :)

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Thanks you CBE :) I can only aspire to have a scrub as awesome as yours! :)

I was mixing with my stick blender. Maybe that's too powerful?

I'm planning on making a few more batches tonight/this weekend. Thanks for the tips! :)

edited to add: It's not very warm here, so I don't think that's the problem. The oil layer appeared before I'd even added any fo. :(

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I use beaters too, never tried the stick blender. Do you have any Kokum butter? That is a good one to use in your recipe as it's a hard butter so when the oils are resting it will be more solid than soft like shea and mango. Even cocoa butter would work.

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