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saying no to vanilla stabilizer


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I finally found a soap "formula" that I absolutely love. However, when I make soaps with vanilla stabilizer, they get all icky and slimy. I've tried making soaps so the vs and fo amounts would still be the same amount as if I use fo alone and I've tried lowering the amounts of fo and vs so its less than I use with fo alone. Same results.

I don't think it is my stabilizer because if i use a basic recipe.. just base, fo and stabilizer, it is fine.

I'm thinking about just going with the flow on the scents that need stabilizer and see what I get. Does anybody else do that and what type of feedback do you get from customers?

Sorry if this has been posted before. I did a search and the only thing I found was people using them.

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I see from the WSP site that they recommend .5 oz of VS/FO. I find WSP's recos to be spot on. Maybe try another fragrance or smaller amount of SB.

FWIW the WSP VS has been the one with the good reviews. But I think what you are experiencing may have to do with either the base itself or the fragrance oil.

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