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Suggestion about gelluminations


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I'd like to make a suggestion to anyone who's had problems with gelluminations (also called creative illuminations).. I see many people have had problems with them.. I have, too... They owe me two 16oz fragrances but they won't reply to emails, won't answer their phone, won't answer snail mail and won't refund my money.. I filed a complaint on rippoff.com to warn other people about them.. Anyone who wants to add thier own experience to that complaint can do so by going to that site.. If you put "complaints about gelluminations" in a google search, it's the first thing that comes up.. Just click on it and you can add your own info about them..

I hope things like this forum and rippoff.com will help unknowing customers from wasting their money on this company, not to mention save others from the frustration! :yay:

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