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Trilogy aka Royal Aromatics...


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I was wondering if anyone is using their oils.

I called and the min. order is $250.00 and 5lbs of each FO ordered.

I would love to consolidate and get most of my oils from one main supplier plus benefit $$ wise by buying in bulk..

The CS rep was very nice. Thought I would get some feedback on their oils and company.

I did a search, but no one has really posted about them recently.


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Well 8-grans, not sure if I am going to even try them now.

Received their policy and it costs $15.00 to get a sample because they are custom made.

Not even sure how much of a sample you get..

LOL (I would hope a pound of it at that price)

Per their policy sheet:

Please note that our minimum quantity requirement is 5 pounds per fragrance and a minimum order total of $250. Exceptions to this policy will not be made.

There is a 4 sample limit per request. We charge $15 per sample, which we will credit back to you on the first order of the sampled fragrance. If you are looking for a fragrance at a particular price point, our customer service team will be happy to assist and guide you to the fragrance that suits your application as well as your pricing requirements.

Because our fragrances are custom made, we have a no return policy. We encourage you to sample** the fragrance(s) prior to purchasing to make sure they work in your application.

So even if I did get the FO's you got from them, my version of it would be totally different than what you got because they are custom made. You would need to buy from whomever you purchased your original order from.

Plus, what if I did not like the sample they mixed up for me.. EX:

I am looking for a good Patchouli, since they alll smell different, I could go through 10 samples before I found the one I really like.. So it could cost me $150.00 in samples before I even found a Patchouli that I like and works in my wax..:rolleyes2

Not sure I want to go that route.. :sad2:

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I have used Royal Aromatics in the past but haven't since they changed their name to Trilogy and dropped the on-line ordering. I prefer to order on line and only call a rep if I am trying to get a dupe or custom blend. I work full time, have a retail store and web site. Orders and planning have to be done at night.

RA had good sales reps and good products. Just like with all companies though, there are oils that worked in my formulations and those that didn't. I typically order lbs to test with.

I may break down and give them a call to see if they have plans to bring the on-line access back.

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I think most of us dumped RA when they went through their revamping and fired all their good, honest, loyal, helpful employees. Raising their prices and minimums through the roof didn't help, either.

I sure do miss the old RA, even though I'd kinda gotten away from them even before they went kaput!

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I had them duplicate 10 fragrances that I rebottled (2oz. each scent)and labelled and and I was very dissapointed.. It took them MONTHS to finally send me samples and then I asked them to make them stronger because I just wasn't getting any throw (which I explained I needed them really strong) and the sales rep said he would send me more to test and I never heard from them again. TERRIBLE customer service. Maybe it was just my particular sales rep, and maybe he isn't even working for them anymore (he shouldn't be), but I refuse to do business with them. I wasted months waiting for them to work on just 10 fragrances which were pretty common and I had 20 more scents that I wanted to have them duplicate as well, but at the rate they were going I would STILL be waiting and this all started over a year ago! Who has that kind of time? :angry2:

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Use to order all my perfume scents from them. Wonder if Tony went to another company? This new place wants to know how much you want to spend. What the hell, I told them I want what I ordered before, same everything. How much will it be, they won't give an answer.

Tony were are you????

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I'm so sad to hear all these negative comments. I've been interested in sampling from their natural/organic lines, and have called a couple of times, but no one answers the phone! I left a message, but no one called me back. I can't believe in this day and age that a company would have such poor customer service.

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