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Good scent throw wax

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For parrafin waxes I prefer the Astrolite waxes. I use the K6228 pillar/votive blend wax for my pillars. I love the scent throw and it doesn't require any additives. It has a creamy white opaqueness and glossy finish. However not all suppliers carry Astrolite waxes particularly the pillar votive blend.

IGI's 4750 is the equivalent to Astrolite K6228.

IGI's 4625 is their exclusive pillar blend. Its a preblended wax so you need no additives.

IGI and Astrolite also make votive and container waxes but you didn't ask for those so I am not listing them here.

Everyone has their preference but both IGI and Astrolite make excellent waxes with good scent throw that you can start out with and end up staying with.

I get my K6228 at Tri-State Candle supply in WV. Its the only supplier I know of that still carries the original Honeywell/Astrolite wax. The IGI waxes are available at almost any candle supplier. Peaks Candle Supplies carries many of them; both for pillars, votives, and container candles.

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Are you looking for soy or paraffin? I find that the Igi 4641 Pellets works well for paraffin and the Ecosoya Pillar Blend works well for soy.

Have you tried adding some vybar to your wax? The waxes I've bought without additives, I always add vybar, it seems to help with the scent. Even if the wax you have states it's already has addivites, you might want to try some vybar to see if it helps? :)

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