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NG Basil Sage Mint vs BCN Basil Sage Mint


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No one has tried and compared these??

I will order from some from NG and see how they compare. :highfive:

Hope it is a dupe, it will save me $4.00 a pound...

NG is the only one I have found other than BC that carries this scent.

Always looking for dupes to have a back up supplier and see if I can save some $$...

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It's a dupe to Bittercreeks. :yay::yay::yay::yay:

Plus it's less expensive!! Whahoo..

BC's -$18.95

NG - $15.95 or buy 5lbs or more and save an extra $1.00

so it's only $14.95 pp

Wow, BCN has upped its prices? Good to know a replacement has been found then.

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Thanks for the tip. I use the Basil Sage Mint from BCN so knowing I can get it cheaper someplace else helps.

But, I am not fond of most of the oils from NG, so it wouldn't pay for me to order just one bottle of FO from them and pay the shipping since most of my other supplies come from BCN.

Oh well.. win some lose some ;)

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SheilaRae at least you know there is a back up for you if BC is ever out of stock. I like to have a dupe for all my oils as a back up..

NG oils are hit or miss for me too, as with any other supplier.

For me getting it from NG saves me tons of $$..

I need 15 pounds of it for a Fundraiser, so I will save $60.00 bucks..

Can you say......Cha-Ching!!!!! :cheesy2:

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