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I would like some opinions and ideas please


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I have been out of the candle biz for several years, I had to give it up when I developed allergies to the FO's. I am really missing the whole craft show sales thing and would like to get back into it somehow. I use to make wickfree candles and tarts and sold those and warmers- I would like to do that again, but was looking at possibly wholesale or the soy drops that EL sells, but that would not make it handcrafted.

I have seen a couple of candle shops that sell the drops, but they have scents that are not offered on the EL site, are there other suppliers out there for these? and are the drops good? does the scent last? I love the sites that have blueberry lemon cheesecake and such- they sound divine!

As a background- I am in NW NJ, where we can't get insurance for anything( that's why I really don't want to do bath and beauty products, and i realize I'm taking a risk w/ tarts)

thanks for the ideas and opinions.


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Is that hokey to just offer the drops, warmers, possibly some scented crystals? I thought that I could get some baskets and scoops and have like 10 open for people to mix and match scents to create their own scents. Then for the other scents, just have them prepackaged to sell.

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