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What sounds better for pricing?


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If you are doing a lot of craft shows I would suggest you average the sales tax of all shows you do, add that to your price and round to the nearest $.50 or $1.00.

We used to do all of our prices, i.e. $5.95, then add sales tax at the shows. Every show we did we had to add a different sales tax percentage, then add all orders, add sales tax, carry all the change, etc. We finally went to doing it the way I suggested above and now all we have to carry is bills and quarters. It is much easier to figure sales, we don't have to carry all the change, and people seem to like the idea of having the sales tax already included in the sales price.

Try it, you'll like it!

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I would say round numbers for shows. However, I have always sold my products for $2.95, $3.95, etc... Since everything is calculated online, there are no issues with having to give out change. I hesitated years ago when I organized my pricing. I have never liked the idea of 95c or 99c. It seems corny- like people would REALLY believe that they are spending $3 instead of $4 on a $3.95 item. What I have found is that it really is an effective method when using calculated shipping rates that are price based in an online shopping cart. By my charging prices with 95 on the end, it often saves the buyer from going into another shipping price range. The customer saves postal fees. No one has complained about the 95's on the end of my prices, so I think that I will stick with it. :)

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