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High Elevation Pouring??

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We recently just moved to Colorado and I've poured my first few batches of votives since we moved. First off, it seemed like it took more wax then I was used to using in Kansas City to pour a dozen candles. Second, during a test burn I've found that the candle burns more quickly and the scent throw isn't that great. I've not changed anything in how I'm pouring or in the amounts of dye/FO.

I am using IGI-4625 to pour. Dye Chips and usually Peak FO's.

Does this have anything to do with the elevation? This is getting really frustrating!!

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Well, Toto, you're not in Kansas, anymore. ( Somebody was going to go there, I just saw it first. :cheesy2: )

If anything I'd think the higher altitude would make you use less wax.

What that thread never really said was that at higher altitudes, there's less oxygen in the air.

The altitude WILL make a difference. It's just a crap shoot whether that difference will be enough to notice, in the candles YOU make.

Also sounds like you're ignoring temperature as a factor. If your work area now is colder than it was in Kansas, that might account for both the tunneling and your seeming to need more wax.

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I guess the use of more wax really wasn't my biggest concern. I did realize tonight as I stood in the kitchen that the stupid window in there really isn't all that well sealed. And our landlord doesn't seem to care. Oh to have my own house again!

My biggest concern is that while test burning I found the scent throw to not be nearly as strong we when I tested before in Kansas City. I have always used 1oz per 1 pound of wax and found that combination to work for me.

Argh, back to testing for me.

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