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Ever seen this????????????????

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Is the FO from a candle supplier? Some of my B&B FOs aren't actually soluble in wax, but I didn't see that in tins until I burned them. Then I poured into a glass and could see it then.

Edited cuz I called them "oils" which is what we call fragrance oils at work...

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Random thought:

Was the lid replaced before the wax was completely cool? I've seen soy-based wax do some mighty butt-ugly things when lidded too soon after a burn...

What's the FO? :confused: How much was in there? Is there any dye in there or is the brown color something from the wick?

I gotta say it: that candle has a top not even a mother could love! :undecided It belongs in the Ripley's Believe It Or Not Mutant Soy Wax Candles exhibit... it would look good next to a few mutant ninja candles of mine...:laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:

VERY strange... Y'all see? People who pour only paraffin just don't have NEAR as much fun as veggie waxers do... Soy candles are like a box of chocolates - ya never know what you'll get... ;)

GOTTA love it!!:laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:

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Thanks for your replies, all, sorry for the delay. Stella, I never lidded this creature, should have though as I'm sure it'l bite:shocked2:Yes, it is from a candle fo supplier where I buy most of my fo from. It is called Antique lace. When it was first poured, I knew something was wrong as the one side looked a bit honeycombed. The one pic is after first burn and the other after the second. It looks like there are living creatures in it and the brown just appeared, there is no colour added and the tin is not rusty, it is alluminium and new. Me thinks it is most definately the fo. I sent the pics to the fo supplier and asked for an explanation, but to date all is quiet.............:tiptoe:

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