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Backwoods Lilac


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I love her oils too! Just poured some Honey Gingerbread today and the house smells yummy!

Lilac is a year round fragrance. Its good to have a floral during any season of the year. I use Lavender all year round and this fall I added Honeysuckle too. Not everyone wants a bakery scent!

I poured the Honey Gingerbread the other day, too! It is super strong! And yesterday, I did Pear Vanilla (WOW), Backwoods Blue, and Rice Flower & Shea. These are from the FOs I have had for awhile. A couple of weeks ago I got another sampler and she threw in a freebie ~ Lilac & Linen (very nice!).

This is what I got in my sampler:

Buttery Croissant

Gingerbread Latte

Coconut Curry Custard

Pistachio Dream Cake

Frosted Orange Danish

Jambleberry Thumbprint Cookies

Iced Apple Strudel

Pink Chocolate

Pumpkin Cappucino

Pink Pepperberry

The Pink Chocolate & Pink Pepperberry I have had before and they are awesome! Guess I've got some playing to do, huh? lol

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