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Liquid dye


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I am changing to a liquid dye for one certain scent(Lavender)Can't seem to get a Light color with the blocks.To dark.

Since so many do lavender candles can some of you give me a idea how many drops to use to get a light color for lavender.

Just wondering somewhere to start??? Never used liquid dyes.

I know it could still take some testing in my wax and jar size.I use 444 soy now but had used 402. Any Idea???? :confused:



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That can vary from brand to brand.

You'll have to let us know what brand or where you got it and how much wax you're adding it to.

I'm guessing you tried cutting your dye blocks in halves or quarters?

Also, you could melt a dye block or half of one, into a small amount of wax, then chop up that block of wax, so that you only have a small amount of the dye in your candle.

With the liquids, you can start with a couple of drops, then put a drop or two of the wax on a paper plate and let it cool to see what your color is. Add more if you need to and repeat the test.

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As mentioned, all liquid dye is not the same concentration. I do not attempt to color less than a pound of wax. I start with 1 drop of color, test to see the shade and add more if needed. Much easier to darken the shade than it is to lighten it by adding more wax. ;)

In the case of making a periwinkle color, I use 1 or 2 drops of EVO Royal blue dye and 1 drop of EVO Purple (depending on how blue I want the final shade to be). I write down how many drops of ??? dye to ??? pounds of wax I used to achieve a specific color so that I can replicate that same shade again and again. For a pastel shade, I use the same amount of dye in a larger quantity of wax. HTH ;)

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My liquid dyes have a dropper lid so I can use the dye one drop at a time. I agree you should try a drop at a time and test in 1 lb of wax. I also keep a small white plate to test the wax color. I use the plate to drop a small amount of colored wax on it to let it cool. It cools quickly if you just use a drop or two of the colored wax. Then you can decide if you need more dye.

Once you have the perfect color combo WRITE IT DOWN! Then you know next time you make that candle how many drops of dye to add per pound.

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