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Which wick burns hotter of these 2 types?


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With my new case of J-50, I'm finding that I have to wick up. Which wick burns hotter, a 62-52-18 zinc or a 60-44-18 cotton? I'm using the 16oz. dodecagon jars, BTW. I usually mix the J-50 with soy and a few other ingredients, but there are a few scents that only throw in straight J-50 for me and these are the ones in which I am needing to wick up. Thanks everybody!

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It's true that cotton wicks have a hotter flame and generally less mushrooming. They also have a higher burn rate for a given thickness of wick.

The bottom line though is choosing the right size for your container. I've never used zincs or cottons that large, but if nobody comes along with firsthand experience I think maybe you should try them both. The manufacturer's burn test data shows those wicks performing comparably.

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