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Question about bath cupcakes (soap)


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Okay, my future daughter-in-law absolutely wants the bath cupcakes (made purely of soap - not bombs) for her favors. The problem is she bought the wilton mold (not the cake size one) for this. First off they are QUITE LARGE and we did a test with melt and pour and I hate the look of them - they look like plastic to me. Has anyone tried making these with CP soap and this mold and if so do they look more natural? I was thinking of making the top part (icing part) as whipped soap and pouring that into the mold (top part) and then for the bottom part it I would pour the soap at light trace. Also, if you have tried this did you have any problems getting the soap out of the mold?

Thanks for any help with this.

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I've made CP soap cupcakes in the past and used the silicone cupcake liners. After I scent my soap I pour some into dixie cups and color the rest of the soap and ladel into my silicone cupcake liners at thick trace and then pour the uncolored soap on top. The next day I remove the silicone cupcake liners and it looks like a frosted cupcake. Whipped soap would look better, though.

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I have made Cupcake Soaps using CP. Check the Gallery using Search for "No Calories, No Trans Fats" for a picture.

I just used a regular muffin/cupcake pan and lined with cupcake papers, poured the CP soap in, let that set up and allowed the rest of the soap to get to a thick trace, put it into a disposable piping bag, with a decorative tip, and piped that onto the top. I don't believe that I gelled these, so wait 2-3 days and remove the cupcake papers. HTH

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