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Ground Pumice


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Anybody use pumice in their M&P? I love adding an exfoliator in my some of my soaps but haven't tried pumice yet. I believe WSP has the ground pumice.

Which remind me-- I still have a bag of their pumpkin flakes I haven't used yet. I should make my pumpkin soaps and try using the flakes. I'll let you know how I like them.

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Or perhaps I should try the ground luffa?!!:confused: I don't know. Do either the ground pumice or ground luffa change the color of the soap? The pumice is made from volcanic ash so I assume it could change the color slightly. And does the ground luffa 'scratch'?

Has anybody used either and which do you prefer and why? Thanks!

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Candy, I use WSP's ground pumice in my foot scrubbie soap. It does give a slight grayish cast. I use an olive oil soap base with light green colorant because it is scented rosemary peppermint. I'm guessing the gray cast may have been more from the pumice making the clear base more opaque. It didn't bother any of my customers. I used a foot shaped mold and they thought it was neat. :-)


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