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How do I pour MP on top of non gel CP?


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I made a soap last night that is CP and put it in the fridge, it got pretty thick when I put it in the mold. This morning I took it out and pulled off one end so I could see it. The bars are not as high as I'd like and are a bit bumpy on top.

So I've never poured M&P on top of CP soap before (well I did it once but it was soap that was rebatched).

The soap is cold so I know I have to bring it to room temperature first but do I have to wait until the soap has fully cured before adding the MP on top or can I do it before it's cured? Also will the MP adhere to the CP well?

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I honestly have no clue since I just got into soapmaking but since M&P is ready to use once it's hard I'm wondering if you may have to wait until the CP is cured because if you pour M&P over it...it may not get enough air flow to cure properly. Good to know though. . .

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I just tried this for the 1st time last week. Had a men's soap that I used neon red for a swirl, needless to say it ended up a beautiful pink swirl. I made black M&P to zig zag over the top...it didn't want to stick. So next round I spritzed alcohol over the CP and it seems to be sticking so far. Might want to give that a shot and see.

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