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Opinions, please on recipe

beau's mama

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I'm trying to reduce the cost of my soap down to a 3-4 oil soap. I've used Crisco before, but only in small amounts, so can ya'll take a look at this and let me know what you think? Not aiming for anything super special, just a pretty basic bar that's not drying. Not sure if I should keep the SF @ 5% or up it to 7% (?) Maybe upping it will help the Crisco & the OO become good friends and give me a bit more conditioning somewhere down the line.

Oh, BTW it's the "new" Crisco...Soybean & Palm

Am I going in the right direction?

All help and advice is appreciated.



Coconut 46%

Crisco 45%

Castor Oil 7%

Olive 2%

Hardness: 48

Cleansing: 31

Conditioning: 45

Bubbly: 37

Creamy: 24

Iodine : 54

INS: 179

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How about:

Coconut: 25%

Castor: 8%

Crisco: 45%

Olive: 22%


Cleansing: 17

Conditioning: 60

Bubbly: 24

Creamy: 25

...and you can add sugar to the water prior to the lye to up bubbles if you are not happy with the bubbles. You can also add sodium lactate for hardness (or a couple of tablespoons of salt ppo, that is what I use)

This is a much more conditioning recipe :)

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You can also add Lard unless you have an aversion to animal fats.

It's funny that most commercial soaps have beef tallow in them but people shy away from animal fats in handmade product.

Lard is less expensive than crisco and the ingredient list doesn't change.

I also agree with hem06 that you should keep the coconut amount down. I personally use 15%. There are too many people out there that are sensitive to CO over 15-20%.

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