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Debunking Candle Pollution and Wax Claims

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Here's some fairly recent research that I haven't seen discussed. It's probably some of the best to date. I'm giving it a new thread because I think it deserves attention.

In addition to tackling the issue of candle pollution in general, it addresses the perennial debate of differences between waxes and provides real data. I live for the day when Tong Wang's fraudulent research from Iowa State is no longer quoted on this subject.


First paragraph:

A new, internationally funded study on candle emissions has confirmed that well-made candles of all major wax types
[paraffin, soy wax, stearin, palm wax and beeswax]
exhibit the same clean burning behavior, and pose no discernable risks to human health or indoor air quality.


The 2007 Okometric study has greatly expanded the body of credible scientific data on candle emissions and burning behavior. In addition to demonstrating that the combustion products of all major candle waxes are virtually identical in composition and quantity, the study reconfirms the lack of health or air quality concerns with candles.

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