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Pardon this newbie questions


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I have questions about scent throw, not just in soy (GB 464 for example), parasoy, or paraffin. Does the scent of the hot wax with the FO in it give any indication as to how strong the HT will be?

Is there any type of wax that has a good balance, that is, a wax that will have great cold AND hot throw, or is it just wishful thinking on my part?

Here's what I'm doing tonight... I have 8oz. tureens that I bought from CandleScience (opening is approx 3.5"). Put zinc 60-44-18 wicks. In some jars I poured KY parasoy for containers at around 155 degrees. In others I poured Crafters' Choice at 180 degrees (as directed), and then I have a few other jars where I poured IGI 4633 at approx. 160 degrees. Put the same amount (1.3oz.) of FO in all three waxes, same wicks.

Which one(s) will give me the best CT/HT? Best cold? Best hot? Do I need to let them cure before testing, and if so, how long?

Can I use the same zinc wicks (60-44-18) in GB 464 (haven't made any yet!).

I know I have a lot of questions, but that's how newbies learn, and I really, really appreciate all your help/advice!:)

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Does the scent of the hot wax with the FO in it give any indication as to how strong the HT will be?

Yes and no.....it will show you the possible potential of the oil for a tart but if you have the wrong wick it can all but destroy any idea of a throw.

I haven't ever used any of the waxes you posted about so can't give reference to them. However, I would have to say to give an honest test I would let any wax cure at least 24 hours. Soy may need longer. I use a soy/blend and have found I can easily burn the candle within 12 hours but like it better after 36 on some scents.

Remember when you test...write down everything ....where the candle is while burning...note of any drafts from ceiling fans...even better put in a bathroom where there aren't any...but make notes on top of notes. Trust nothing to your memory. You will have to test sooooooooooo much you won't remember your own name after a while. Make your self a chart ....include melt pool after 3 hours and give a %...2nd , 3rd, 4th burn melt pool, scent throw and make up a rating system. make up as many questions as possible and fill them out with every candle. That way you're comparing apples to apples. Remember each scent is different and reacts with the wax and wick differently.....take nothing for granted.

But most of all have fun and learn from your testing....you better cause you'll be doing it for a while!!!!!!

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