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forgot to add oil


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I have just made my second CP soap and I forgot to add the Hemp Seed Oil. Does anybody know if this will be a useless soap, or will it still work??

The ingredients are:200g Coconut Oil

400g Olive Oil

200g Palm Oil


120g Lye

300g Water

15ml F.O


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All you have to do is rebatch it. Use the oven boil bag method, it is the easiest and doesn't dry out like in the crock pot. When the soap is melted add the left out oil to it. Squish it around really well to mix it.

When it is ready, clip the tip of the oven bag when it is all melted and squeeze it into the mold.

It takes a little longer to get hard after rebatching but the batches I have done this to feel really nice on your skin in a couple months.

If you don't know how to do the oven bag method let me know I'll explain it to you.

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Yes please Jeana. I am new to this so I'm not sure about rebatching. Can i leave it for a couple of days or do i need to do it right away??

I'm an Aussie and the only oven bag I can think of is plastic and it is used to cook chickens in to stop the splatter of oil does this sound like the bag you use?

Thanks for everyone's help

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It sounds like you are talking about the same oven roasting bags I am. You get them at the super market.

Well start out boiling some water in a deeper type of pot like a stock pot. Have it about half full. You want it to have a lid too.

Shred your soap with a grater. Put it all in your oven bag and the amount of oil you left out. Rubber band the top, and put it in the boiling water. Put the top on the pot let it boil for about 15 or 20 minutes. Put on some thick rubber gloves - like the kind for doing dishes. Take out the bag of soap and mush it around really well. Put it back in the pot. Do this until you get a nice smooth consistancy. It will be really hot so you need to have gloves on to mix it really well. Having the top closed makes this process go much faster. It melts the soap more evenly. Without the top on the pot, the bottom mostly melts so you have to mix it more often.

After it is really smooth and totally mixed, clip a tip of the bag and squeeze it into your mold. I like log molds best for rebatching. The soap starts to harded very quickly, so there isn't much time to work with it. I've still done the tops with the little peaks and designs. You can even put some dried herbs on top for a little more interest too. Rebatches can look really boring but they feel nice on your skin.

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I think it depends on the eo you're working with. One of my rebatches was a lemongrass, that one was plenty strong enough not to add more. But if it is lighter like Lavender I would try to add more. If you add more eo maybe heat it a bit before you add it to the soap. It might help to mix it better. Or even mix it with the oil you left out before you add that.

What ever you add, just make sure you mix it really well into the soap.

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