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Does anyone else smell what I smell?


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In the actual Aquolina Pink Sugar perfume I own I have noticed when I spray it on I smell a citronella type of note which I find unpleasant. It usually fades quickly(or my nose forgets it fast)which is why I have continued to wear it. Was just wondering if anyone smelled the same note and if they had found a dupe that didn't have it?

I guess I am looking for something that has all of the good my nose likes with none of the bad:rolleyes2

I have heard several say that ICS and SW are dead on as well as millcreek, but since I am looking for one that isn't quite dead on I imagine this will be difficult.

Thanks in advance to anyone who decides to throw some advice my way.


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You are right there is a citrus top note in the real pink sugar I'm not sure if its Bergamot or what but it is there, some like the citrus top note. I also prefer it without that note. If you want an exact copy with that citrus top note SweetCakes has it.

If you want it without that heavy citrus I highly recommend Scentworks to me this one is the best ever better than the original. ICS is also good but somehow lacks some of the depth of the Scentworks version.

Peaks is also good.

But I will say I always regret ordering from somewhere else other than ScentWorks for Pink Sugar!!

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