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Help! Lye from thechemistrystore


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I got a 25lb pail of lye flakes from the chemistry store and I'm having a heck of a time trying to open the darn thing!

Is there a trick to getting these pails open? Is there a tool I can get to ease the job?

I saved all my Roebic 2lb containers and was hoping to transfer the whole lot but so far I can only get it out through the pour spout which in itself is a big PITA.



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there are probably little depressions every 5-6" around the lid of the bucket. slit down through them with a carpet knife (or whatever - I use the carpet knife and give it a tap with a rubber mallet), then you can pry the lid off.

don't wear fleece when you work with lye (ok, it's summer so you won't - but still) as it'll suck the lye beads up your sleeves... itch... ouch.

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