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Wicks used by Diptyque

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Hello everyone!

I am a new candle maker and was recently given a candle from Diptyque as a gift. The past few months I have spent my time playing around with different wicks, waxes etc and I was surprised to see their wick, something I never saw before. Attached is a badly taken photograph, hopefully you can see, I will also try to describe it to the best of my ability.

At the end of the burn I noticed they actually used TWO wicks attached to two separate plates. They were somehow braided or tied together into one, but at the end of the candle they met as two completely separate wicks. I did like the scent throw a lot and was wondering if it had anything to do with their wicking technique? Is anyone familiar with this way of wicking? Again, I am very new to candle making and my question my sound really dumb to some but I still can't help being curious since I never saw this before.

Many Thanks for your time!

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hahaha! i agree dave!! learning french would be a good thing if this is the sort of money one could make:)! i'm still curious about their wicks though....i'm trying everything to get the best possible scent throw and if their secret lies in their wicks i wanna know where to find them!

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I am so sorry about not showing an image, I THOUGHT it was attached but it obviously wasn't. Can you see it now? Like I said, in addition to being a beginner candle maker I am also a computer illiterate........please let me know...I will keep on trying to upload until it works :)!


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