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Twilight scents from NG


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I just ordered Bite Me and Werewolf from NG. The Bella & Edward I got from MMS are good but a little too much alike. I might use Bella and Bite me for Edward. Can't wait for my order...they have lots of new ones.

Also ordered Cashmere, lavender something, satsuma, elf sweat & witching hour.

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It's poured but not burnt yet. While pouring it I would tell it's not one of my favs. Can't quite put my finger on why. I quite preferred the MMS for the Twilight scents.

Now Werewolf that's a different story....very sexy and manly.

Witching hour is very heavily spicy so can't burn that one around DH.

I had a request for cashmere so I poured NG's and it's very very beautiful. Never smelt the original so don't know how close this is. I have JS's also and it's totally different but I don't know which one is supposed to be a dupe or what the perfume smells like....I have to get to the mall and so some sniffing.

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