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What does everyone use as......


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I have tried Rice Bran Oil. I really liked it but can't find it locally, so I don't use it regularly. I know Robin uses it alot.

I do use Canola Oil alot. It is cheap and can get it at the grocery store. Not sure if it is the best sub. Try one batch and then compare to your olive oil bar.

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I'm an RBO girl - haven't used OO in ages, only in my first batches.

Hazelnut oil is the most similar to olive in fatty acid composition, but it's probably just as $$$ if not worse. Almond is close as well.... RBO has less oleic. Maybe you can find something similar by fussing with blends of soybean/almond/sunflower and such. There is a high oleic sunflower, don't know how $$$ that is though.

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a substitute for olive oil in CP soap? Would canola oil be suitable or not?



Properties of Each:

Hardness Olive 15% Canola 6%

Conditioning 83 91

Stable 15 6

Iodine 82 110

The canola is a pretty soft oil. I would not sub it 100% for olive, but you can use some canola in your recipe to cut costs. Even though olvie is not rated high for hardness, 100% olive will be rock hard after a long cure.


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I like RBO, and use it regularly as my base oil. I've tried canola and it's pretty soft and I don't like the "feel" of it. RBO is great for my skin:D and I can get it locally. Some folks use hydrogenated soybean oil as a sub for part or all of their oo. I haven't compared the numbers.

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