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small wick burning wax quicker than large?

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the first time this happened i thought i made a mistake with the wicks, mixing them up. but now it's happening again with another fragrance. i'm burning a cranberry marmalade, 9% in 464 wax in a 3 inch diameter roly poly. the eco 10 is burning faster than the eco 12, i think i may try an 8, but this is the first burn so it's hard to tell. both are burning nicely so far.

it's been 3 hours and i have a FMP with the 10, just barely 1/4" deep. the 12 is not quite full yet, and not as deep.

any ideas?? TIA!


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Not all fragrance oils burn the same. They certainly don't weigh the same either. Some are heavier than others.

That is why you experiment and test each fragrance you use. Wicking up or wicking down is a common practice to test each fragrance oil to determine the best burn.

I think dogmom is saying that testing 2 candles whose only difference was the wick size (i.e., the wax and the amount of FO were identical) resulted in the smaller wick forming a larger MP than the larger wick, and that this was the same thing she had previously observed when she tested 2 other identical-except-for-the-wick-size candles (made with a different FO). Four candles were tested - two pairs.

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I too have had the same results as you.... I think I have a pretty good handle on it.

From what I undersand about wicks.... sometimes a larger wick doesn't get the oxygen it needs to burn properly so it doesn't burn as hot as it should resulting in less wax consumption. Where as a smaller wick gets the oxygen it needs, burning hotter, using up more wax. So far with my testing it seems to hold true.

Please, someone step in if I am totally off base.



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Thanks JKG, I was going to write and try to explain, but unless a person reads the entire post, it sometimes just becomes an exercise in frustration, so i decided to let it go. I am glad you caught it and wrote, thank you!

Danielle, i think i did see a post you wrote about that, now that you said it again, it jogged my memory, which is totally OVERFLOWING at this point, i have read and searched so much about "all things candle"!

I can't find the post now. maybe you didn't originate the question, or maybe i am just going blind from all the reading! doesn't help that my full time job also requires constant attention to computer screens as well!

What you say makes sense, but i'm not sure if it would apply to the first (near the top of the glass) burn? i guess it is still a bit of a confined space, tho only slightly, so it could still be the answer. i wonder of any of the more experienced chandlers will respond??

i am doing another burn right now, curious how it will go.

Thank you both!!! Have a great Thanksgiving!

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