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I've learn a couple things that help with 2" pillars. I had to switch to paraffin, but at least I got them down. I'm using TL wicks in the paraffin.

I learned that tin molds work better than the aluminum, because they are a little wider than 2" (measured by inside diameter, aluminum is measured by outside diameter).

Easier to wick oils work better, cuz the wider wicks will cause overflowing.

And try to wick more like a taper.

HTH cuz these are not easy.

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I hope you have better luck at wicking pillars with this wax than I have so far. I've tried everything recommended on this board (after searching) and my pillars always blowout the side and canoe the length of the candle or I get a pitifully weak flame that couldn't burn gasoline. I've pretty much resigned myself to only container style candles until I can get a different wax. Good Luck!

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