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Hi Everyone,

I have been a lurker for awhile but now I have a question. I make Candles in mason jars using J50. I have a GREAT smelling hot and cold throw candle as well as a good burn no soot. I am experimenting with a 16oz apothecary jar 3 15/16wide now and a victorian jar 3 1/4inches wide. I am having problems wicking...tried cotton core, htps and hemp....little scent throw. I think I am going to have to change waxes if I want to use these new jars.....I was looking at CB 125 from Candlewic....because it is close to me.....I dont want to play with soy yet.....do you have any ideas on what wax may work well and wick better than the J50. Thanks I hope this post doesnt offend anyone or come across as if I am asking for a trade secret.

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Yes...I am trying to sindle wick. I know the J50 is going to be really tough to do....probably not possible. I really dont want to double wick....thats why I was asking to see if anyone had anysuggestion for a new wax. I was also curious if I was to add any additives to the J50 would it work better in this size jars? I know it already has additives in it, but thought i would ask. Thanks for the help.....I was trying to stay away fromn zinc wicks,,,,,,but may have to try them.

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