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Tops *after* burning?

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It is definetly the nature of soy.... I have experimented with coconut oil and IMO it makes the after burn ugliness a little better.. Not perfect but better. You might want to try it...

I add 1 and 1/2 tsp of CO per pound.. I have also found that this mixture it helps with acheiving smoother tops when poured hotter than reccomended.


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Hi Dana,

I thought I had the answer to your problem till I reread your original post! I'm going to leave this here anyway, it may still be helpful to someone.....

I bought an embossing heat tool at AC Moore (acmoore.com). I'm not sure if AC Moore is nationwide, but I'm sure other craft stores carry it. The one I bought is made by Nicole, website is nicolecrafts.com. You can't buy diirectly from there, but you can put in your ZIP code and it will tell you stores in your area that carry Nicole products. It was $27 or $28 in AC Moore and I had a 50% off coupon!

I just used it for the first time on a Hot Buttered Rum candle that I poured last nite and it did a great job in a few seconds! :yay: From what I have read, it's very important to wait a day before you try to fix the tops, otherwise they get worse.

I think you might also be able to heat your jars with it, tho I haven't tried that yet (will tonite) and I would guess you have to be careful not to get them too hot.


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Different soy-based waxes have different burning characteristics. NatureWax C3, for example, does not get all lumpified after burning... "pure" soy waxes generally have more problem with this unless one uses additives (like coconut oil, beeswax, Universal Soy additive, etc.) to help smooth out the wax and resist frosting (the lumpiness is a form of frosting - undesirable crystallization). HTH :)

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There should be no expectation for a candle to be beautiful after a burn

I like a candle that hardens smoothly after a burn - don't want it to look like somone yarked in the jar! The soy-based and palm wax candles we make do just that - both containers and pillars. Perhaps some folks do not mind how a candle looks after it is burned, but I think many folks DO care. If Yankee or Beanpod candles look cottage cheesy after burning, I'd want a refund! I think candles should look beautiful from start to finish.

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