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Pure Soy vs. Para-Soy?

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I'm currently using a parasoy blend for my jars but it has been discontinued so I'll be searching for another or mixing my own.I really like the parasoy blends over the pure soy. My tarts are pure soy using a blend of soy waxes I have left over. When soy only is requested I use C3 for jars and have had pretty good luck with that as far as frosting and wet spots but it took a lot of work.

People don't seem to mind the frosting as much with the tarts. In fact I think it makes them look cool.

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I am in the prcoess of designing some candle labels which I hope will camflauge the frost marks for the most part.

So people really don't mind a para-soy candle as to a soy candle? That's my worry.

Now I am having a new problem. I recently moved and ever since when I pour a candle, after it sits for about 24 hours it has what looks like a crack around the top of the candle where the wax maeets the jar. What is it? Sometimes it isn't even either, may go down the candle about 1/4"

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