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CS Sun Washed Linen


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Dayum! This is my favorite 'fresh linen' type scent to date.

I'm a clean scent kinda person and this one is fabulous in candles or room sprays.

Very refreshing :D Now, I wish I had bought more!

CBL wax, 1oz per pound, 16oz mason.


I'm lovin all the scents from CS.... along with outstanding customer service, you can't go wrong with supplier.

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I agree..this is a wonderful Fo..It does smell very clean..

In my gb 415 it has a med HT..cold throw is very strong..

It is good for a smaller area for me..I wish it was stronger burning...But I still like it..

I used 415 also, and wish I could find this one a bit stronger somewhere,.. I love this scent.

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This is a strong fo!!

What percent did you pour it at? 6% is enough for my soy. Did you let it cure?

I'm surprised you say it isn't strong enough.

I have a large open home, so my candles that I make, have to be super strong. I use 6%. Its cured for about 1 week. What may be strong for some, may not be for others. I usually stick to the 6% rule, but for personal use, due to the size of my home, I need STRONG fos.

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