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For those that wholesale soap logs...

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Agreed. It points to a basic flaw in your procedures that needs to be worked out before you can consider selling the product. There should never be any worry about lye pockets.

There is one additional (perhaps lesser) concern. Notwithstanding the misguided tendency for handcrafters to design mushy soap, I think most well-balanced recipes would not cure and cut well as logs. It's usually M&P soap that's sold that way.

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I read in one of my many articles about soaping about how making smaller batches could help with this problem. I know it would probably make a wholesale order a little tedious but would it help:confused:

Smaller batches actually leave more room for lye calculation errors. The solution is knowing your recipe (and even mold) and getting it down enough to where you don't have issues such as lye pockets.

Top, you are killing me!!! :laugh2:

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