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nashville wraps open gift boxes?

Dee 2

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Hello all,

Does any one use these boxes? I am needing to come up with gift boxes or baskets for xmas and seen these, if you do use them do you sell open like they are or do you put them inside of bags? any suggestions on boxes would greatly be appreciated. I have tried baskets and they just don't sell for me so looking for different avenue.

thanks for any help and have a good day.


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I've used these before and have packaged in a couple of different ways. For the most part, I buy the clear bags that fit whatever size I'm using and tie it up with ribbon. I've tried shrink wrapping these but wasn't too happy with the appearance.

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Are you talking about boxes like these?


I use those at Christmas. Fill them w/shred and then put my fudge on top and shrink wrap the entire thing. Then I take a long tie ribbon and pull it taut so that it wraps on all 4 sides and ties on the top. Looks classy :)


here is a photo of what I was doing. Not shrink-wrapped, but you can get the idea :)


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I used them alot for food gift baskets. Gourmet, Pasta and junk food. For bath & body they do not do as well. I used plain white small ones. I think reuseable containers are better for gift baskets. Most people throw away boxes/baskets(don't understand why). If you use a hat box type container with a lid or something they can use later like a shower caddy or even something ceramic they can put stuff in later etc. They tend to go over better.

My coffee mug/chocolate ones went over the best. All the goodies contained in a mug and I used cello and tied them with NICE wired ribbon. No curly stuff or pull bows.

...and I hate shrink wrap!...it looks like a mass produced wallymart gift. I use the roll of cello most of the time. So you can wrap it tighter to hold stuff in without alot of excess bulk that a cello bag would at the bottom.

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