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clamshells & CP


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I've tried using those a few times to make tester soaps.

One prob I had is that I wanted to gel the soap in a roaster oven and the plastic always warped. But I doubt you have expectations of the soap gelling, so that probably wouldn't be an issue for you.

I think the tricky thing you might run into is having the soap pop out easily with a good surface on it. Personally I didn't have luck with that, but I'm not saying it isn't possible.

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Right you are - I don't expect gel. In fact, I don't want gel on some of my soaps and get tired of waiting for the soap to harden sufficiently to remove from my molds which is one reason to try this route.

I have a lovely silicone spray for baking - perhaps I'll give that a shot. Assuming it doesn't mar the clamshell of course.

Next time I soap (gee - in 10 hours ;) ) I'll pour some into a clamshell or two and see how that goes!

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With the depth of those, I don't think they'd generate enough heat on their own to gel anyway, Carol.

When I use my MW molds for CP (granted they are a bit thicker material than the clamshells) I gel them in the sun or with another heat source.

I think your baking spray should work fine...or a wipe with mineral oil.

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I have used MP molds before with CP, they didn't gel, but they came out really well.

Here's picture.


Those are lovely.

I have never used a candle clamshell for CP. I did a ton of small shapes in the MW molds for a wedding favor order once. God, what a PITA. I tested it a few ways- to insure gel. Because I kept getting the dreaded half gel and it was changing the color. So, I lined up all the molds on giant heating pads and poured the soap in and covered with Saran wrap and a blanket. Worked perfectly. I couldn't avoid gel [even in the frig]- this was a milk recipe.

LOL!! I still have nightmares about it. But they were cute. :laugh2:

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