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3 Scents from Just Scents


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I need to order 3 scents for a new store I just got from 1 company so I can save on the shipping by ordering from 1 company....And I need to get these ordered today.

I have never ordered from Just Scents but everyone raves about them and they have such an assortment so I thought I would try this company...

The 3 scents I need are:

Chestnuts & Brown Sugar - Looks like this is a great choice from

what I read.

Sugared Spruce - This one was on sale which is great...

Any one ever tried this one?

Sugared Spruce is a great seller for me

just never ordered from Just Scent.

Cinnamon and Clove - They have cinnamon, nutmeg and clove

on sale, so if this one is a good one,

going to take a chance on this one...

Unless there is a cinnamon and clove

that would be a better choice to

order which one does anyone suggest?

Thanks so much for everyones input...


While I was ordering the 3 scents I thought I would order a vanilla since they have a $2.00 off per lb sale. I chose Vanilla Bomb................Is this a good scent I've chosen? I want a true vanilla as best as I can get that throws like a bomb and it says this one is.....I love STRONG scents...

My other choices which I went against were:

Vanilla with Lace

Vanilla of Pearl

Vanilla Butter Cream Crunch

Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Bean Noel the New Version

Vanilla Bean Noel the old Version

Would I have been better off with 1 of these? I could still change the order? Thanks!

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