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Any C3 and HTP users?

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I normally use cotton wicks in my candles, but my mom just can't stand the mushrooms so I'm going to make her candles with HTP since I have a ton of them in all sizes. I don't want to buy more wicks!

My container is square, 3 1/4" diag across and my first thought was to wick same as 8 oz square tin, HTP 105. Since the tins are not even 1/2 as deep I'm concerned that the glass may get a lot of soot on it or get too hot. I'm going to start testing, but just don't want it to take FOREVER! Maybe she'll be happy with just 1-2 scents....doubt it.

TIA for any helpful info :D

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Well, I went a little wild and used HTP 1212's! The first candle I'm burning which is a pear/apple has a good HT considering it's only been a couple of days and almost full mp in only 3 hours on the first burn...a bit soon it seems, but I'm going to let it go through and see before I pull it for a smaller wick. And I did get a small shroom on the first burn. Next two are both citrus so the bigger wick may do well.

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