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netting/material for aroma beads


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hi again:)

After thinking about the organza bags, or muslin bags I was wondering if anyone has bought material, like netting or just any kind of cotton type material and cut 4-5" circles and made their own like that and just tied them at the top with ribbon or hemp?(I don't sew) I have a western type theme and organza is a little more fancy.

I may switch to corn cob later to...haven't decided yet. I sell from my youngest's job at a collision shop to and they buy them from there..but didn't wanna do fancy type bags.

Would the smell be very strong from the cotton type material? Since it wouldn't be super thing? I know the corn cob worked well in muslin.


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Cotton and muslin both work fine with aroma beads. If you want netting, how about these in black & brown and tied with jute, hemp or a western themed ribbon?


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I noticed the ones kandlekrazy referenced are 9 inches, and I just wanted to point out that you will actually need a larger circle than you think to hold the aroma beads. Those 9-inch ones probably won't bee too large.

I bought some a few years ago to use to wrap round soaps and they were actually too small to give a nice "fluffy" appearance after wrapping around the size of the soap. So what I'm taking the round-about way of saying, is that 9-inch circles will probably be good for aroma beads.

If you try a few different sizes of circles, let us know what turns out to be the best size--I may try that also (like you said, with some muslin or other cotton fabric) for more "manly"-looking packages.


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