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Bert's Chestnuts & Brown Sugar


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Just wanted to let all you know that make candles..

This Fo is knock you socks off strong in my 415..

I can smell the chestnuts..the most..but it is hard to explain the

brown sug...I can smell it, but this Fo is not a sweet smell..but

still it is not a bitter smell either. am I being confusing?:)

At first I was not sure about it..but it is really growing on me..

I put it all the way at the end of my house in a bath room..and went out side to do some yard work, and came in totally at the other end of the house, and could not believe the smell, in just about 30 min...I can smell it all over the house...

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THis is the scent I have been working on for almost 2 weeks.Tried 2 other companies and bad wick problems.Ordered Berts this week and doing great with a large wick. Finally got it right and this FO is more reasonable. Now I have a order for 12 of these candles. Been a looooong 2 weeks.

I agree with GRAN-ONES.The chestnut stands out the most. That is what I told my customer as soon as it was made. That was the cold throw and smelled the chestnut the most.

I had it in my kitchen and with cooking wasn't able to tell anything.Took it in the bedroom/master bath and awesome. Blew it out, left, came back 2 hours later and still smelled it in the bedroom/master bath.STRONG!!!!!!!!!!


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This is one of the few of Bert's I don't have! Just finished blowing out the JS C&BS - my nose picked up a lot of buttery notes; I'd prefer a nuttier one. Gotta put this one on my Bert's wish list.

Sorry, Judy. I just checked Bert's site and the Chestnuts & Brown Sugar is not there anymore. :( And...she has an announcement that states her prices are going up on September 1st. Guess if there is anything that we "need", we should get it now, huh? :)

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