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Objective Way to Measure Scent Throw

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Not that I am aware of . . .Scent throw is one of those things that can be very subjective. I went through a tough time of testing when I moved from our old house to our new house. I felt I got a better throw in our old house where the ceilings weren't as high and the rooms were a bit smaller. I had to re-evaluate my testing goals. It ended up being a good lesson learned . . .not all burning atmospheres are created equal.

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This is my way of testing scent throw .. an it may sound odd lol

when i made a candle or tart ..

I would let it cure for about 4 days before using it .. sometimes longer for weaker lighter scents

but i would test in my basement

light it .. close the basement door .. sit upstairs an just wait ..

if i could smell it strong enough on the first floor .. i would move up to the second floor an hang out up there for a while .. folding laundry to pass the time lol .. if i could smell it still from the second floor .. i'd move on to the last level .. the attic .. my daughters bedroom .. and just straiten up her room while i waited for the scent to follow me up there. eventually it did on most hard sccents .. cinnamon esp. that goes far .. ones like vanilla/s and chocolates didnt quite hit the attic but did second floor

this is my way of testing .. its quite odd to say the least .. but i know in my gingerbreasd style small house but TALL house .. if i could get scent to throw to the attic .. i done good lol :yay:

all in all it took the cinnamon an spice scents about 2 hours to hit the attic

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I either test in my living room - small house so one candle should do the entire place or on my porch. The porch is especially useful because of all the fresh air. If a candle scents my porch, it's a good thrower. If it scents the entire front yard area, it's a great thrower.

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