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Sugar Scrub


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I think I've finally come with a sugar scrub that I can :yay: jump up and down about. It's my tweaked version of BoHunk's. It makes my skin feel so soft & silky smooth and I must admit after using BTMS & no Ewax I will never go back to Ewax again I just don't like the waxy feel it leaves.

I guess I should have colored the sugar on top but I forgot and the pic could be just a tad bit lighter.

Thanks for looking.


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Looks FANTASTIC Sandra! What scent is it in? I personally like the natural color of the sugar on the top. BTMS is da bomb in scrubs eh? I'm like you, I rather BTMS than ewax. Feels soooooooo much better. :)

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Sorry it's scented French Vanilla, with brown sugar & jojoba spheres the colors on them didn't come through due to the brown sugar.

BTMS all da way baby. Thank you I am thrilled and privileged receiving a compliment like that from you. You are my inspiration on these scrubs yours always look so devine. :smiley2:

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