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Another Supplier Closing

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Congratulations on your new job!!! :)

Thank you very much! It's just at Wally........ I felt so fortunate that they hired me at my age lol I just turned 59 and thought no one would want to hire me. I figured at least I could be a door greeter LMBO.

I got hired in the Fabric/Craft dept, I love it so far but their air conditioners are out and the Heat is killing me!

During the interviews they asked me if I did any kind of crafts :laugh2: I said well, I make Candles, Whipped butters, butter bars, M&P soaps, lotions, body sprays, room fresheners, and the makeup I'm wearing and I also Crochet, needle punch, some sewing and anything else I can get into :D

I got my 90 day evaluation last night........ a little early lol I've only been there a month. I had a lot of excellence and a few met expectations and only needed one improvement.......on the hand-held computer system, so she gave me an overall..... meets expectations. :undecided Yesterday I helped a lady that was trying to make curtains and only measured the length LOL We had a time trying to figure out how much material she needed, but I think I got it. She ended up finding my Manager and raving about how much I helped her, how kind I was etc etc. My manager told me about it and said that she posted a thank you to me on the board with others that had excellent customer service. That made my night!

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