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Got to make a little soap tonight, adding Emu at trace, which this version of VS Breathless moved into trace fairly quickly. It's a very beautiful scent. Hoping the finish will be as cool as the wet. Went full water and ultra cool temps, 1 oz ppo (only a 2 lb batch, adjusted recipe ... yes, diamondk and anita I see your names already lol!) Did not rice, doubt it will discolor. Used lemon pop and 24K



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Thanks! It's still got a few hours to go in bed. Will be interesting to see the inside.

That looks great! What's the 24k? Love the sparkle!


Ah that's the 24K gold out of wherever Shutterbug got her stuff from. I'm finding if I use double the amount, like 1/2 tsp as opposed to a 1/4 that some of the sparkle tends to stick around. I have to use this stuff up though and have no place/items to put it in per se.

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